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08 Maret 2008

IAFL Translation and interpretation Services

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IAFL Translation and interpretation Services is a service that provide a translation services for all language including english, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Farsi (Persian), Dari, Pushto (Pashto/Pushtu), Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati (Gujurati/Gujerati), Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Sinhala (Sinhalese/Singhalese), Nepali, Tibetan, Myanmarese (Burmese), Bodo (Boro), Bhutanese, Sanskrit, Assamese, Kashmiri (Koshur), Konkani, Oriya, Dogri, Manipuri (Meitei), Sindhi, etc.

Since 1989, they have specialized in translation for various markets, including India. Their very responsive with their respond for 95% of the emails within 1 hour, their accuracy and appropiate translations.

They can help you to make an India Translation to specific language. They are often contacted by a person or company who need and India translation. As explain above, IAFL translation & interpretation services responds to 95% of all emails within 1 hour.

For arabic translation - typesetting that likely to be 25% longer and can create an issue while typesetting. They can help you to adjust layouts to accomodate the longer Arabic text. They also have developed techniques to quickly typeset materials that contain both arabic and English text or Arabic text and English numerals.

It's almost the same with farsi translation setting, they also have developed techniques to quickly typeset materials that contain both Farsi and English text or Farsi text and English numerals

Beside translation services, they also can help you with subtitling (captioning) and translation of subtitles, dubbing and voice-overs for video and DVD, brand and product name analysis, script/text transcription, and word processing and DTP. They also collaborate with market research agencies/companies to translate and typeset culturally appropriate questionnaires and related materials

For further information and their services you can contact them at :

IAFL Translation & Interpretation Services
HS 27 FF
Kailash Colony
New Delhi 110048

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4 komentar :

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