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19 Juni 2008

Search Costa Rica at Leading Directory

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Costa Rica is a country that located at Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the North, Panama to the East-Southwest,and Pasific Ocean to the west. Costa Rica capital dan largest city is San Jose. After independence from Spanish Colonial over hundred years ago, Costa Rica has been emerging to a democratic nation and the most stable country in Central America Now.

The economic prospect of this country are also indicating a good prospect. This can indicate by their GDP per capita US$13,000 (2007 estimate), although this country are also facing the high inflation rate at Latin America. The Costa Rica Economy grew nearly 5% in 2006 after experiencing 4 years of slow economic growth. The investment prospect also interesting at this country this can be indicated by some big company like Intel Microprocessor facility that choose location at Costa Rica. This also push by free trade aggrement with United States. Statistic said that Intel responsible as 90% of Costa Rican Exports and 4,9 of country GDP. (

Costa Rica also extremely popular with their ecotourism. Many tourist visiting their national park and protected areas every year. Costa Rica was know as a pioneer in this type of tourism and recognized as one of the few with ecotourism. Costa Rica may become a good tourist destination and nice place to travel at Central America.

If you're really interested to explore all about Costa Rica, one of the good online portal directory is is a top Costa Rica leading directory. This site has the information of over 8400 organizations and companies that want to make their services and businesses at Costa Rica. There are more than One Million Monthly visitors through our popular system. They are already have 18,000 registered users, who visit they site daily to select their service providers.

We maybe knew the meaning of a web directory. A web directory is classified into various categories and sub categories. Various websites are listed in the directory in different categories.
People can submit their website to a directory freely or paying. If you looking for ways to optimize your website so listed at directory will get the most exposure possible. Submitting your site to a web directory also can help you optimize your website in order to gain more viable traffic for your site.

It's really easy to sign up with :

1. Just type your username, password, first and last name, second name, gender, date birth civil state, full address, country, mobile phone, home/office phone, email, your email and then press submit button.

2. If you have registered then you can start gaining benefit from ticosland online directory.

What the benefits if you have registered to :

a. All of their services are free!

b. Have a free service to send a SMS text messages to GSM and TDMA cell phones.

c. Have a free service to send faxes from your computer to any location in Costa Rica.

d. You will have access to your list of contacts. They will receive happy birthday wishes and greetings on special dates from you.

e. You will have the possibility of saving your reminders. You will receive reminder alerts by email and cell phone.

f. You can include and manage your profiles within the leading directory in Costa Rica.

So, Ticosland is the way to promote your site also getting all the benefit featured at Ticosland also can bring the opportunity for business in Costa Rica because of lots of Costa Rican Online Business People registered here. Almost all kind of site can found here, including money exchange if you need to search online money exchanger to local Costa Rica currency (Costa Rica Colon-CRC). Just visit for further information.


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