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13 Agustus 2008

Buy and sell house in Online Australian Site

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Do you find difficulties to sell your house ? Or you maybe want to search for a new house In Australia but difficult to find suitable house with all your criterion? Well, maybe you must visit What's This's an online portal that have a vision to help seller and buyer in one place to share their house criterion each other. Buyers and sellers can meet in environment which cost free for both parties, you don't need to pay real estate agents here. They also have a network with real estate investors all over Australia who actively house hunting. They're not real estate agents so they don't charge any commision. You can use they free services to sell your house, so you enable to achieve the price that you want with your property.

They know that when you put your house on the market that you want to sell it as soon as possible, so you can get it in your plans. But if you are unable to sell your house it can be a financial drain, postpone plans and come to fell like a weight on your shoulders. You need to ask yourself what is going on here ? What's the problem ? You may need solve the problem from different angles.

Buyer also can have some problems, they can faced difficulties to search for suitable house. They also must plough through complicated financial information, choose appropiate mortagage and save up enough money. Buyer sometimes must deal with unfamiliar legal fees, surveys and other costs. Given by these factors, it's perhaps not suprising that buyer can be confused with all these problems.

So, because all these problems, seek to take the guess work out of doing it enabling you to be in control of the process rather than a real estate agent. This site constantly has new sellers submitting their properties to us for sale. However to keep up their high rate of success connecting sellers with buyer they are constantly looking for new purchasers. Take the hassle out of searching by listing your requirements with them.

How if you looking for to sell your house at their site ?

a. First, you can register your property data by clicking on the selling house and tab at the top of the page.
b. Then they will send your property details to their database buyer in your area.
c. Buyer will contact you by email or telephone if they interested with your property.

How if you looking at purchasing a property ?
a. Register the specifications that you required for your future purcashing by clicking buying a home tab.
b. Your interest will be automatically added to their database.
c. You'll be contacted if there's property that match your requirements.

Currently they have 1465 home buyers eagerly house hunting. Maybe if you're not yet registered, it's time to visit their site, just take alook and register your property. I believe this site can help you both in selling your house or searching for your new house. You can also sell your house privately here, just visit at their site at .

Thanks for attention.


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12 komentar :

  1. waduh napa harus jauh-jauh

  2. Jual rumah di indo bisa?

  3. pertama (kah?) *bebas komentar,hi..hi..ngacir...

  4. definitely perfect review, by the way I would like inquire you some questions.

    1. what is the meaning of the hassle, financial drain and criterion. please transalate those in Indonesian

    2. could you explain why the database word's colour are orange ? is there any advantage lie beyond on that word ?

    I looking forward to reading your quick respond regarding of my question

    sincerely yours

    Iksandri Kusuma

  5. Re Mas Rogan :
    Well, ya untuk cadangan aja mas mungkin siapa tau harus ngungsi ke AU karena disini pulau2nya pada tenggelem ..

    Re Mas Bayu:
    Bisa juga kayanya..

    Re Mba Dian :
    Ketiga tuh mba..lupa publish soalnya comment2nya..hehe..

    Re Mas Ik:
    Well, I'll try to answer your question hassle mean ngga nunggu/ngga cape nunggu, financial drain itu keabisan money, criterion mean kriteria..

    In orange link it's content link from kontera bro.. you can check that orange link by clicking at that link..

    Maksudnya yang orange itu content link dari kontera bro..hehe..

  6. Bagus, bagus... Lancar mas..

  7. bahasa reviewnya makin mantab om... siip

  8. gak kejauahan tuh mas

  9. waahh.. harus banyak belajar nih.. mantab bang..

  10. seperti ga juga mas..ya deket lah Indonesia sm Au kan tetangga-an hehe..

  11. Re Mas DG :
    Thanks juga..

    Re Mas Masenchipz :
    thanks juga..

  12. Re Bang Dhika :
    Sama-sama sy jg bang..