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12 September 2008

Organic food grocer in Australia

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Organic foods are so popular today because it's much better than non-organic food. Not only because organic food better for those who consume it, the people who eat organic food also claim these foods actually taste better, and make body healthier. Organic food is more natural than non-organic food because it grows without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Organic food is grown by nature, using recycling natural materials to maintain soil fertility and encourage natural methods of pest and disease control, rather than relying on chemicals.

Organic food taste better and flavorful because not using chemicals which can affect food flavor. Organic food also is better for body because not using chemicals used in production of pesticides and fungicides as potential cancer-causing components. Experts said also organic food contains more vitamins, mineral and antioxidant the body needs to stay healthy and perform at optimum capacity. We also can help environment if eating organic food. We know that when pesticides and fertilizers are applied to plants, these chemicals can be absorbed into ground. Then, these chemical also can leach into nearby water of bodies. The soil as well as water can begin contaminated. So, using organic food really can help our environment.

Well, it's lots of benefit if we're using organic food. If you searching for organic food grocer in Australia, There's a good organic food grocer located at Sydney. This company was located at Sydney and servicing the Sydney Metropolitan Area almost for ten years with quality certified for organic fruits, vegetables and groceries. This organic grocer is one of the oldest home delivery services in Sydney.They experience at buying and packing organic products, it’s mean that we can get freshest, and highest quality products available.

They also certified by National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASSA) that they process and handle organic produce within the guidelines. They also have 1300 friendly staff that you can call them anytime within 24 hours. They also offer a genuine 100% guarantee customer satisfaction guarantee and they can refund your money if you dissatisfied. You can compare a genuine certified organic product and a non-organic product, with checking at an organic certification logo and number on the product label.

You can visit them at


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7 komentar :

  1. i eat fresh foods everyday, can't get organic food at my place.

    organic food is for healthy living and it is also expensive.

  2. Yes organic food are really healthier but the problem is there are no sufficient supply..

  3. ok, thanks for your comment. I'm really appreciate your feedbacks..well, if you located at sydney maybe you can try this company for your organic food supplier..

  4. kalo di hongkong nih mas,misalnya beli sayur harus yg masih terbungkus dgn label yg seperti ini lho.enaknya lagi,plastiknya bisa ditukar lagi dgn barang yg mereka sediakan. nah lu..

  5. wah masukan yang bagus sekali mba..kapan ya Indonesia bisa mengembangkan organic food..

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