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19 Oktober 2008

Fleet tracking by GPS tracking

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GPS or Global Positioning System is becoming important in our life today. GPS has become a widely used aid to navigation worldwide, map making, land surveying, commerce, scientific uses and hobbies. The basic concept of GPS is calculating its position by carefully timing the signal sent by the constellation of GPS satellite high above earth. Most modern vehicle tracking systems use Global Positioning System (GPS) modules for accurate location of the vehicle. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software. GPS is very useful for business uses such as Transportation Company for Fleet Tracking.

For instance, Transportation Company such as taxi companies, bus companies, or cargo companies will have a great benefit for GPS uses. It is can reduce accidents, decreased vehicle and cargo theft so it is lower insurance premiums. Companies also can adjust effectively routes, and guarantee safety of employee. Fleet Tracking management can monitor the activities of mobile personnel, reduce fleet expenses, raise fleet efficiency, reducing downtime, and eliminate overtime. Fleet management also can reduce the company fuel bill and increase miles per gallon of fuels. Some GPS also can inform the fleet management when a vehicle needs to change the oil or tire rotation.

For tracking purpose, a transportation company can decide to install GPS device in their car in order to record their position all over the time. Using a GPS tracking system on a car trip is more convenient that using the conventional map. This can help you to improve delivery times also increase your efficiency. GPS in car navigation system also can guide drivers through unfamiliar terrain to their destination. You can travel anywhere on earth and track your position by GPS. You do not need to worry if your vehicle has GPS on it. GPS commonly show your location in longitude and latitude.

The price of GPS depend on the type of GPS system you want, it could cost as low as $50 whereas some models that cost $10,000. Real time tracking also can allow you to watch the progress of the persons or asset travelling in real time from their PC. Here is, you can select GPS that suitable for your purpose, you must be selective to choose your GPS system.

There is online site that suitable with your need the name is .We can see here some type of GPS at this site such as GPS fleet management system FT6200. This type of GPS is for an advanced fleet management. Since the price is as low as $449,95, many business management can afford this type of GPS. This GPS feature reporting and dispatch features. This GPS also have even alert to charge the oil.

Another good GPS is W-Trac GPS with 15-second updates. This type of GPS is having interval update every 15 second and has a battery for over 6 hours. This GPS feature simply the best compact, easy to use GPS tracking device that available for short-term tracking. It has 90 days battery life with motion optional sensor.

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