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26 Februari 2009

The importance of Exit Sign

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Fire exit sign is a tool that has unrestricted capability to shows where the emergency exits. This kind of exit sign commonly with the word "EXIT" that usually can be found in colors red or green. Several countries like Japan, Korea, China and Australia use green color exit signs whereas in US several areas use red or green. This difference in color designation is due to country endorsing building codes, which identify the sign color scheme. In the early times, exit signs are usually made out of metal and lit by an incandescent light bulb. In this modern day, many technology options can be choose such as LED, LEC, Fluorescent, Cold-Cathode, Tritium, and Photo luminescent or incandescent. Of course, these all technology has many strengths and weakness.

Exit signs appear in almost all public buildings, schools, shopping malls, libraries, etc. Commonly, an emergency lighting is placed over the sign. The majority of exit signs around the world are in representation form and no text addition. Its function is to direct people to the nearest exit when there is fire or other related disasters.

You can choose electric exit signs such as LED or LEC exit signs. An important thing that must be remembered is to maintain the electricity and batteries. The battery backup systems are the typical method of conforming to modern building codes demanding that exit signs should be enduringly lit. Nowadays, exit signs utilize much less power. Various manufacturers have restore batteries with capacitors. Because this makes the invention environmentally friendly as it holds only conservative electronics. This reduces the regular change of battery since capacitor's duration is equivalent to LED's duration.

The other natural and user friendly EXIT SIGNS are using photo luminescent exit sign. Photo luminescent exit signs use no electricity, consume no batteries, and require no maintenance. There is no wiring to run and no backup systems are needed, as these exit signs shore up the ambient light in the building to use in the event of an emergency. These will glow green up to a distance of 100 feet in smoky or dark conditions, and will stay illuminated for several days if the need were to arise. The use of photo luminescent materials in exit signs came about as solutions were sought for reducing energy while at the same time coming up with a more reliable and green method for emergency evacuation measures. Photo luminescent exit signs use zero energy, zero batteries, and require zero maintenance.

Other choice is using tritium exit sign. Tritium is a form of hydrogen, which is radioactive. Tritium is produced in nuclear reactors and is a component in thermonuclear warheads. Tritium, when combined with other chemicals in a sealed tube, will emit light. This useful combination of chemicals creates a continuous light source. It is also without the use of batteries or hard-wired electricity. That is why so many people put tritium exit signs in their buildings. This is a good product, as long as the seal never breaks.

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4 komentar :

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  2. brp $ bro..kok panjang bgt ?

  3. wah ngeri yang pake nuklir itu loh mas... tritium exit sign...

  4. @Tiyo Avianto:yupz thanks mas..

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    @Suryaden:iya memang tritium ini katanya agak bahaya juga..