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19 Juni 2009

Product fulfillment for your business

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Thinking about an online business, imagine your online business is getting one thousand orders in a month. Well, it’s a good problem to have. It means that you are doing a good job selling, and now it’s time to fulfill the orders. Doing a great job at selling is not enough to make a business a real success. If you are failing at fulfillment, all the sales in the world will not be able to save your business. One key to fulfillment is communication. Your customers have to be informed about the time it takes to ship an order; about the time it takes to deliver their order. Your fulfillment details should be posted on your website close to your shipping policy.

What exactly the product that suitable for fulfillment? There are many type of products those suitable for fulfillment such as shoes, apparel, handbags, purses, accessories, cosmetic, beauty products, package media (CD or DVD), entertainment, toy, game, jewelry, consumer electronic, etc. Of course, there are many types products can be handled by fulfillment. Talking about product fulfillment, of course besides storing and shipping your products, most fulfillment centers can also take over your customer service duties. If you decide to utilize the services of a fulfillment center, then you need to decide if you want to maintain control over your customer interactions. You may prefer to keep that personal level of contact. But if you’re spending too much time answering emails, or customer service just isn’t your strong point, then you’ll want to explore your options in this area. Two things to consider are the how much those options will cost you, and whether you’re comfortable with the customer service your firm provides.

Fulfillment centers are a solution for deliver time and cost savings, but there’s a price tag will involved. Here is we must look at the trade off and what we will gain, and determine if that’s the best order fulfillment for your business.” Look for a fulfillment company that has an experienced many decades in fulfillment industry, superior account management, and passionate inventory control. Consider also the technology that they are used; such as, are they using internet-based technology? Are they using order processing system? How about warehouse management system? And think also about shipping manifest system.

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