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29 September 2009

Justhost, Fatcow and Bluehost, which web hosting is the best?

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Are you still confusing choosing web hosting for your site? There are several good webs hosting provider such as justhost, bluehost, and fatcow. For a new webmaster sometime it’s too difficult to compare between those three web hosting provider. Webmaster need several completed review and comparison about those three web hosting. Choosing paid web hosting is good step for you to learn professional website management. While free hosting is sometimes too slow, too many ads, and too many down for maintenance, paid hosting will be more promising with full features and full customer services. Free hosting often has limited bandwidth but paid hosting often gives enough bandwidth, even give you unlimited bandwidth.

Check also for FTP account, how many FTP account will be assigned to you by paid hosting provider? Why FTP account is important for your hosting account? Number of FTP accounts assigned are important because more FTP accounts, more easily you can upload and download file. It’s not surprised if FTP transfer will be your file transfer back bone later. Transfering files with FTP account is relatively more easily and faster than internal file manager. FTP account also sometimes integrated with your content management system (CMS) such as Joomla.

Automatic Backup is also important for your site database. Do web hosting provide you automatic backup? Although web hosting doesn’t provide you with automatic backup, it’s your responsibility to back up your database regularly yourself. So, back up your database as often as you can do. Sometimes web hosting also have different name with their c-panel, another web hosting called H-sphere. It’s not really a matter with different name. I think c-panel is more important with it c-panel features. What are displayed through c-panel or h-sphere? Is it user friendly interface? Does it have completed features? Is it faster to load?

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4 komentar :

  1. saya hosting ke just host dan fatcow. dua2nya sama mudahnya. meskipun saya baru pertama kali hosting, tetapitidak terlalu sulit.

  2. wah mantep nih hosting just host and fatcow..