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18 Desember 2009

Sell and buy free stuff at Listia Auction

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Do you want to sell or auction your free stuff? Or, you want to search free stuff online? Here is the right place I have joined this site recently, and this innovative site is very different from others auctions site. You will be given 50 credits once you have registered to this site, and you can immediately bidding on stuff. Many people here want to sell their used stuff freely, and several sellers agree to give free shipping for their old stuff. You can sort stuff here by shipping categories, or if seller doesn’t offers free shipping so you must pick that stuff by local pick up.

First, you must register to this site; fill name, user name, password and email. Then, confirm your registration by clicking confirmation link at email confirmation. After that, you will available to login to this site, use your user name and password to login. After you login, you will see your account and 50 free credits that was given by this site. You can start bidding stuff here.

How to search and start bidding at

a. Search a stuff at Listia search query, you can search here by stuff name or location. You can also search stuff by combination between name and location, and vice versa.

b. After stuff has been found, you can click on that image or on stuff URL.

c. You will see current bid value for stuff, and you can make higher bid at bid section if you interested.

d. Here, we’ll see time left for auctions. If time is over, the highest bidder will win auction.

e. Check how you can pick that stuff, you must check shipping type for this stuff. Here, we will see several options for shipping such as free shipping, local pick up, international, US only, etc.

It’s very easy to bid stuff here. You can find much stuff that are auctioned freely or still have no bidder. I think this site is very suitable for auction of free stuff and your free stuff can be valuable here. You can sell your old stuff or collect credit here. Select what roles that you want, become a buyer or a bidder. For a bidder you can give feedback rating for seller performance and service. Of course, this rating can explain good or bad rating for seller and can be a testimonial for seller. After you’ve joined Listia, you will be credited by 50 credits and worth $5 in Listia. You will get 50 more credit if you can refer a friend to Listia. If you interested let’s join Listia and sell or buy free stuff online here

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4 komentar :

  1. halo gak pasang bannernya perfectmoney..lumayan lho PR 4 dpt $40 tiap bulan. uangnya bisa ditukar di

  2. yang bener ni fren..ntar sy cek dulu yah..

  3. Thanks bgt mas Hijr..