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19 Desember 2009

Tension control bolts for bridge, tunnel and highway building

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In city planning, bridge, tunnel and highway has importance aspect for city to grow further. Bridge, tunnel and highway can open more opportunity for location to grow in economy, social, tourism, transportation and other aspects. Highway can speed up transportation in inner city and between cities, prefect solution for commuter traffic and reduce congestion in a city. Unfortunately, planning and designing of bridge, tunnel and highway is sometimes very costly, so it’s need accurate and mature planning. It’s also often against the forces of nature. Bridge, tunnel and highway planning must be started with accurate planning and design, with cost estimation and proper analysis. Until today, we’ve known several types of bridge such as arches, beam bridges, cable-stayed bridges, cantilever bridges and suspension bridges. Some material that available for bridge building are such as wood, brick, stone, cast iron, wrought iron, mild steel, high-tensile steels, alloy steels, aluminum, steel-reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, glass-reinforced plastic and high strength fastener with tension control bolts.

What must you give attention before planning bridge construction? Here are several important factors : bending, erosion, expansion, compression, impact, oscillation, pressure, tension, torsion, vibration, contraction, corrosion, fatigue, friction, rain, river flow, sea-water, scouring, temperature changes, tidal flow, turbulence, waves, wind erosion, wind gusts, wind pressure. Planning bridge is very complicated; you must deal with nature and technology. How you can deal with bridge materials that strength enough to hold weight and stress. Bridge has relation with material ability to absorb amount of energy that flow in that bridge. Bridge is always need good material selection. Several form of tests always needed before bridge construction is begin. What tension control bolts or tc bolts that will you use for strengthening bridge building? Every model of bridge must always tested for that aerodynamically and hydro dynamically, and must be simulated by variety of applied force, people and environment. How the simulated result? Good or bad.

When you deal with bridge material, consider what do we want from materials strength? Consider between strength and elasticity. How correlation between strength and cost? Cost will extremely important in construction of bridge. Sometimes material very strong and light, but it’s very expensive, so consider material with cost. Planning and executing the construction of a bridge is often very complicated. For strengthening bridge building, tunnel, and highway maybe you need tension control bolts. BACO Enterprises Inc. is a High strength fasteners distributor located in the Bronx, NY. There are leading distributors of f A325 and A490 Structural Bolts in the Northeast. Toll Free: 1-800-622-2226 Tel: 1-718-589-6225 Fax: 1-718-991-6647.

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