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31 Januari 2010

How to optimize your trade show booth present in exhibit

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Trade show display is a way for you to promote your company and product to public. Many companies at trade show exhibit think about how to draw attention from many attendees. How to break the crowd, draw attention and interest from prospects, media and key influencer? In trade show displays, sometimes displaying product is not enough. Trade show display incorporate movement, color, lights, and action that draw attendees coming to your trade show booth. A picture and images at trade show booth can worth a thousand words for attendees. Some interactive element also can influence booth draw full attention from attendees. Multiple senses such as touch, feel, sight and sound also is an outstanding way to attract attendees to your exhibit. Touching sense is a way for you to imprint a long lasting memory on attendees.

What kinds of interactive elements that you can add at your trade show exhibit? Many interactive elements can be added at exhibit such as projectors, television screen, DVD player, laptop, graphic display, etc. Most people want go to trade show exhibit to looking for something, consider arranging unlimited design truss system for your booth, such as custom modular truss system. Sometimes tradeshow truss is relatively identical between booths, why don’t you make unique scheme to lure your potential customers to your booth. If you have unique theme for your booth, it will give draw more attention from attendees and maybe they will respond more positively to your booth. Here are some truss designs that popular to use: EZ-12 Collapsible Modular Truss, EZ-6 Truss, Orbital Express Expo Truss, and Hyperlite Hybrid Truss.

Many experts said that you have only have 3 seconds to catch attendee’s attention when they pass to your exhibit. So, why don’t we convert these 3 seconds to our goal? To attract attendees come to your booth you will need effective graphics display that catch attention with clear message display. Your display can show you who you are and what product you offer. Point out your graphics display as the advantages of your product, make sure it has high quality, crystal clear images that explain exactly what your product is. Corporate logo at your logo floor mats is also good strategy to give sense for your attendees, several examples at figure above is waterhoog impression and waterhoog logo inlay.

Graphics display should professional and have a high quality to catch audience’s attention. Maybe you can add Banner stand at trade show display as important part for displaying your company products. With their graphics printed on long lasting vinyl, it usually have acceptable image format, color proof and also cost effective. Banner stand can simple display information about your product and service including company logo and slogan at your exhibit booths. Banner stand is a cost-effective way to convey information and get you noticed, so don't disappear in the crowd.

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