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06 Februari 2010

Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam & Certification

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Are you preparing for Project Management Professional (PMP) exam? As we know, Project management is a job which including management, planning, organizing, and controlling all phases in a project and this job require a professional and certified manager. Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is one way for you and many experienced project manager enhance skill, ability, knowledge and certified as professional project manager. Many student want to follow PMP Exam, but it seem very costly and require big effort to challenge PMP exam. Several companies even charge $1,000 for one complete PMP exam course. Learning PMP exam lesson also required many time for student mastering the lesson. For you a busy project manager, it maybe will be very difficult. You must devide your time to learn PMP exam with your job. If you are a mobile person, you even will be more difficult to learn this PMP lesson. You need flexible media to learn all the PMP exam lessons such as video lesson or audio lesson.

Here is a solution, if you have these problems maybe you must visit Cornelious Fitchner site at He has been experienced in PMP exam since 2004, he said that “he is in the thigh budget when he want to pass PMP exam”, he learned PMP exam with flexible method such as audio and video lesson that can be watched everywhere. After he pass his PMP exam in April 2004, he want to share experiences and offers low price course material for PMP exam. He is now becoming President of my PMI® chapter and regularly speak with project managers from all over the world as a host of The Project Management Podcast™.

What you will gain from PM Prepcast?

You will increase your chance to pass PMP exam, shorten your time study, learn best practices from recent PMP takers, you will learn concept, techniques & tools from PMBOK guide, maximize effort in with PMP study tips, understand value techniques, and you will feel personal PMP trainer from Cornelious Fitchner.

What you will get from PM Prepcast?

The PM PrepCast gives you 112 video and audio lesson with average 26 minutes and focuses on one concept. Here are several example of video and audio lessons:

Introduction to project management – video – duration 27:44
The Role of Project manager – video – duration 24:03
Applied concepts, Team development – MP3 audio – duration 32:29
Applied concepts, The communications plan – MP3 audio – duration 35:52

In total, you will get 47 hours long lessons, 38 hours video lesson and 9.5 hours audio lesson.

You can compare several PMP exam course costs from figure above. You can see PMP exam relatively low price only $99,97 and also give flexible learning method. You also will be given access to their bonuses items such as Certificate for 35 Contact Hours, 60 tough PMP® sample questions, 10 Steps to Becoming a PMP - Email Course, The PMP® / CAPM® Exam Study Checklist, and Access to Exam Discussion Forums, that have total value $285. See also testimonials here from people who has join PM prepcast and has passed PMP Certification. 

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