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21 Januari 2011

Trade show display, is it still important for business strategy in 2011?

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Trade show display is often said can help business to expand further. Industry which use trade show display can get many advantages such as giving opportunity for business interact with third parties, consumers, wholesalers, industry professionals, and many more. Trade show display can become a winning strategy for business to catch audience’s attention. In examples, Cisco Systems, Inc., Hewlett-Packard, Verizon Wireless, Amgen, and many, many other companies, know that renting trade show exhibits can maximizes a company’s chance for success. Trade shows exhibit can help business to locate strategic partner and create design marketing research solution. It can increase brand awareness for consumers and give more advantages that direct marketing strategies.

It socially rewarding, trade exhibit are flashy, fun, and provide companies show what they have. There are considerable amount things that will involve in trade show display such as rentals, designs, construction, telecommunication, networking, travel, accommodation, promotional literature, electricity, cleaning, internet service and many more. Actually, you can save your time and look forward for some gains by hiring trade show display companies. Following are several element of trade show booth:table top display, table covers, pipe and drapes, pop up displays, panel and frame, modular system, portable hybrid display, custom exhibit, and many more.

Table top displays is a small metal frame, can easily collapse into small carrying case and can be set up on top of the table. Table cover is a custom printed table covers which give exhibitor the opportunity to use the table as a branding accessory. Pipe and drapes are metal frame that supported by base plate and can be used to show products. Pop up display is used with flexible graphic panel attached to a spring-loaded roller. Panel frame is consist small alumunium extrusions which are sold in pieces or parts to distributors. Modular system is fall somewhere between pop-up display and panel frame systems. Portable hybrid display is display some flexibility since they consists of aluminum extrusions, tension fabrics and modular components.

Another thing that important is a directors chairs, director chair can be recommended for a trade show booth. Video presentations with audio effects are also effective strategies in catching the attention of your audience. You can also distribute leaflets and brochures within the trade-show area, as an informational scheme. In trade show display, you just got seconds to catch the attention of your audience, so give the best that you can do and offer it to your customers.

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