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28 Mei 2011

Attractiveness of Trade Show Display

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Get back to trade show displays planning in 2011; there is several ways to promote your business, product or services. One of the finest ways is marketing product and services by trade show display. Why trade show display is become one of the premier choice to promote products or services? Trade show display is one of preferred way to promote product because it can connect two way communications between business owner and consumer to interact each other effectively. Not only promoting product, business owner can also directly sells their product or services in trade show booth or give free promotional product. Attendees can get worth information in trade show booth; moreover, attendees can directly try and search their desired information about the product in trade show booth.

We know here several varieties of shape, styles and functionality of the trade show exhibit that can be used for promoting product or services such as pop up displays, panel trade show exhibits, hybrid displays, truss, tension fabric displays, hanging display, graphic tent logo canopies, pipe and drapes, or banner stands. Of course these varieties of style can give valuable choice for business owner. We can choose pop up displays exhibit if we want to provide attendees with solid-looking back wall, graphic mural panel, and pop ups work using a frame that opens up with accordion style. Or, we can use hybrid display to make trade show exhibit look modern with metal extrusions, graphics, dye cut panel and counter. Other interesting element and style is truss. Truss is often used in many exhibit even a big concert, this element can be main structure for trade show exhibit and can be modified by several colors, covered graphics, displays, chair and more. Several styles maybe better than other style, but it’s sometime correlated to the price. Sometimes, the price also becomes a signal of quality and portability; more complex design will make set up more difficult. Price, quality and portability are the factors that can correlate each others in trade show exhibit design.

The additional element also can greatly enhance attractiveness of your trade show booth are light boxes, trade show lights, table covers, banner and graphics logo! floor mats. Especially for Logo floor mats, it can give brand establishment for your consumer, with right customized mats it can gives a positive impact on the business. Make a logo floor mats as simple as possible with no intricate details, it’s because usually attendees will see a glance to logo floor mat. Make also logo floor mat design uniquely, and can reveal the nature of your business.

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4 komentar :

  1. Hi I absolutely agree, pop up displays are such an inexpensive way of putting your company in front of so many potential new customers that trade show marketing has to be part of the marketing plan even in the economic climate of 2011!