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05 Desember 2012

Best webhosting characteristic

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Are you looking for a website hosting for your website? A webhosting is very crucial for your website and can determine your website reliability and service. If you have ever used a free webhosting maybe you have known that a free webhosting will never give 100% their service. Free webhosting must have a business scheme to survive their free webhosting service. They must make a revenue to pay their expense, therefore it is often followed by advertising scheme. Free webhosting is also often slowly and down with server maintenance.

If you plan to give the best services for your customer, just take a paid webhosting as a right choice. Paid webhosting has many features and you will be satisfied with their services. Paid webhosting is not expensive, sometime there are many best cheap web host. Paid webhosting service often give many features on their cpanel, you will be suprised that you can install wordpress or joomla with one-click. This is the best feature from a paid webhosting that make the work is more effective and efficient. You can save time with one-click installer and sometimes this services is called as softaculous.

Softaculous give one-click installer for many platform such as

  • Blog, like wordpress 
  • Microblog, 
  • Portal/CMS, like joomla, drupal, etc. 
  • Forum, 
  • Images gallery, 
  • Wikis, 
  • Social networking, 
  • Ad management, 
  • Calendar, 
  • Mail, 
  • Pool, 
  • Survey, 
  • Project management, 
  • e-Commerce, 
  • ERP, 
  • Guest book, 
  • Educational, 
  • RSS, 
  • File management, and others.
Paid webhosting is also has features like email services. Best web hosting will offer many email features like forwaders, auto responders, mailing lists, user level filtering, account level filtering, email trace, email authentication and MX Entry. It is not only manage email, best cheap webhosting is also have files management features like backups, legacy file manager, backup wizard, disk space usage, ftp account and ftp session control. Best webhosting is also has logs and security management such as latest visitors, bandwidth, webalizer, raw access logs, error log, resource usage, password protect directories, ip deny manager, and hot link protection.

You will glad if you find the webhosting like these features. Finally, good webhosting is not expensive, maybe sometime a cheap hosting. If you find it, it is can help you to achieve your business goal and create a loyal customer.

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