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17 Desember 2015

Check moz rank, and your domain age

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This is a free tool for checking moz rank, google page rank and domain age. This tool can check how good and potential your blog or website in Moz Rank, Page Rank and Domain Age value. The higher your Moz Rank, Page Rank and domain age, than your site will performs better in search engine such as google, yahoo or bing.

Moz Pagerank is an indicator to check your website or blog which becoming trend lately. If you check your moz pagerank in their official website, you will get limited amount of query.  So, I have made a free tool with PHP programming and extract data from Moz pagerank API. I also  have follow MOZ term to make a link to their website because using their API  and publishing MOZ statistic in this blog.

The statistic which can be showed such as :
1. Moz Pagerank
  • Moz Domain Authority
  • Moz Page Authority
  • Moz Rank URL
  • Moz Page URL (Raw Score)
  • Moz Rank Sub Domain
  • Moz Page Sub Domain (Raw Score)
2. Google Pagerank.
3. Domain age

This is an example and the result :

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