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02 Januari 2018

10 Crucial Features to Use in Your Wireless Router Setup at Home

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A wireless router is a simple device that shares Internet access to your home without the need for cables. For the most part, it just works. Once you’ve turned it on, you don’t really need to touch it ever again.

But if you do that, you’re likely missing out on a lot of extra features — ones that could make your network perform more smoothly, improve your gaming experience, and enable you to control who is on your network and when.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at ten extra features your router may offer to see what makes them useful and how you could benefit by using them.

1. Encryption

If you only use a single feature offered by your router, it should be the security feature. The moment you activate one of the router’s security modes, you are preventing anyone without the password from accessing your network, and you are also encrypting the data that travels between the network and the computer or device.

With no security in place, anyone within range could connect to your network and potentially eavesdrop on the data that is being transmitted across it. Most routers come with several security options. Check out our guide to router security to make sure you are using the best ones.

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