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03 Januari 2018

3 Twitter tools that often used by Guy Kawasaki

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“@yusa95 I use mostly Tweetdeck, Tweetie, and Adjix”. Thanks ...I just knew a recommended twitter tools … actually I can say that too many twitter tools that are emerge in internet so it’s will spend much time if we must try one by one those all twitter tools. It will be quicker understand the twitter if we ask directly from the master such as Guy Kawasaki. From these all those three tools only two tools that I ever been used: tweetdeck and adjix, for another tools, tweetie I never use before because it must use Iphone.

Ok, let’s we talk about these 3 twitter tools :

1. Tweetdecks is software that required Adobe Air 1.5. Tweetdeck can be downloaded at . When we download tweetdeck, it will automatically install Adobe air 1.5 to make tweetdeck can run. The strength of tweetdeck are a twitter platform with software style, tweetdeck make every twitter user easily to make a tweet and make tiny URL redirect with several style such as, tinyurl, snipurl, twurl, popurl, and many more. Beside of that, Tweetdeck make user easily to upload photo or picture with

2. Adjix, this tool has web basic but adjix website has offers integrated tools for making short URL redirect. Adjix also has firefox plugin to make tweet from adjix. In addition, adjix also offers user to insert ads to monetize their tweet. Adjix website can be accessed from

3. Tweetie is a twitter software that usually used in Iphone or Ipod. It can be accessed at Actually, I never use tweetie so I can give some comment about these tools.

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