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03 Januari 2018

Advertise your business in twittad

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Before we talk about "how to make money from twitter especially from twittad", It’s not fair if we don’t talk about the advantage of advertising on twittad. As we know, twittad is a twitter advertising service. We can make several advertising tweet and place background advertising on twitter publisher.

What're benefits using twittad for advertiser?

Your tweet ads will be promoted to our thousands followers, so your site will increase in its visitor and increase site visibility on twitter network.

What's the different between twittad and adsense?

Twitter ads is permanently placed on twitter and this tweet ads will never be deleted, so twitter user can easily find your ads on twitter network.

What’s more?

Twitter message can be placed on our blog via HTML code, so your tweet ads will visible on our blog network. You will never be charged for payment every time your tweet ads clicked by visitor; it’s very different from google adsense.

What’s other advantage?

Twittad also make background advertising in twitter, so your business profile will appear on our twitter profile.

What’re the differents between text link ads and twittad?

In TLA or text link ads you must pay publisher monthly payment, otherwise in twittad you will never been charge for monthly payment. After your ads enter to our twitter, it will appear permanently and never been deleted.

If you interested in using twittad for your advertising network just visit twittad here.

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