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02 Januari 2018

Automail an autoresponder report

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Why this report is Important for Your Long-Term Success?

Many opinions abound about the effectiveness of email today, but the truth is that email sales messages, properly crafted can produce 90% or more of the earnings of your business.
One major problem with email deliverability is that many companies rely on third party autoresponder services to deliver those messages. Part of the reason they do is the belief that these services are more secure and reliable than sending email yourself with a SMTP delivery service.
This is the approach used by many marketers but in this report we’ll show you how to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns while reducing the cost.

Author Experience with a Commercial Autoresponder Service:
"Several months ago I experienced a disaster with my email delivery service (aweber).My email messages were delivered late. Most of the messages wound up in client spam folders. Few, if any were read. And to make matters worse, email marketing accounts for more than 50% of my income, so this created a serious financial setback. I thought I could solve the problem by signing up with another service, but they wouldn’t let me import my list, which made my problems worse. I needed a solution, and I needed it fast..."


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