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03 Januari 2018

Black hat blogging technique

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I get emails every week asking what I’m up to on the internet.
Do I have any new techniques that aren’t been talked about. Have I tried any new software that have rocketed my blogs to the top of the search engines.

Well, what can I say?

The answer is YES
Since the launch of Blogging to the Bank I have been trying new and exciting techniques, however some of these are very sneaky and some are down right ethically wrong.

Did I tell the world about them?

The marketing forums would have been on fire. I’ve already been called a spammer by some people from just what I revealed in Blogging to the Bank and let me tell you those techniques weren't that bad.

Do I care that people call me a spammer?

Yes and No
Yes because it’s not true. There’s no laws in the spam act about creating too many blogs or commenting on others blogs for a link. Spam is sending unsolicited commercial email which I don’t do.

No because I’m here making a very nice living off the net while the people pointing the finger are what I like to call ‘The Internet Police’

I mean these guys are like 30 and probably still living at home. They don’t make any money online so there jealous minds think it’s up to them to say whats right and wrong on the internet and then bitch about it together.

Now if your going to use some of these techniques be prepared to take some flack because you will. ‘The Internet Police’ will call you a spammer etc etc.

But does it really matter when you’re bringing home the nice big Adsense or Clickbank check every month.

Remember if you’re cool using these techniques then that’s all that matters. You need to stick the finger up at anyone saying it’s wrong because the law says otherwise.

So let’s get started.


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