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03 Januari 2018

Climbs to The Top of Search Engines

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Climbs to The Top of Search Engines Author : Earl Netwal
Copyright : Earl Netwal, 2009.
File size : 374 KB
Type of document : PDF
Number of pages : 37 pages

Introduction This eBook is intended for the typical business person. But...this book isn't for everyone. It might not be for you. It's meant for main street businesses. By that, I mean it's for any business who's primary business activity is not internet based. But who now use, or intend to use the internet to attract customers. Although those who do focus online will benefit as well. It is for business people who recognize that their prospective customers no longer use the Yellow Pages to find suppliers. It is for those business people who want to get their web sites found. And who realize that they need to be on top of the search engine results if they are to stay ahead of the competition.
And it's for those who realize that being on someone's directory of web sites is no substitute for standing on your own two feet in the internet marketplace. For those who have decided to put their oar in the water and intend to make the internet work for them. The material we will cover will touch upon some web design elements and is informed by my personal bias as to what the purpose of a business web site is.

However, we will not for the most part get into web design issues. And since I mentioned my bias, I will share it with your right now. I believe the purpose of a business web site should be about getting customers to identify themselves so you can more effectively market to them. Too many business web sites are little more than electronic yellow page ads. Too many others are electronic monuments to their owner's egos.

Way too many businesses spend fortunes to get fancy-dancy web graphics that actually make it harder for their prospective customers to find them. To my way of thinking, most business web sites should offer their visitors a relevant ethical bribe in exchange for their name and email address. That ethical bribe should be something of real value, usually in the form of relevant information. It should also serve to better educate the visitor on why they should do business with you.

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