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02 Januari 2018

Everyone is An Expert

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Author :  Seth Godin
Copyright :, 2008.
Number of Pages : 32 pages
File size : 1,6 MB.
Type of document : PDF

THIS BOOK is for anyone who wants more online traffic, more revenue, more followers, more attention, more interest, more donations or more influence.

The paradox, of course, is that the best way to get all these things is by delivering less.  This is a book about focus and meaning. Feel free to share it. NOTE! This is almost the sequel to my ebook Who’s There? which was a short riff about blogging.

Everyone’s an Expert is designed for people who are already familiar with the idea of blogs (hey, you might even have a blog and AdWords and RSS and other Web 2.0 goodies. If you’d like to start by reading the slightly less-techy intro version, click here to get Who’s There

Thanks for reading. When you’re done, feel free to post this on your blog or email it to whomever you believe would benefit. AN EXPERIMENT: A big experiment. It’s an exercise in amplifying the voices of people with something to say, at the same time that we build a community, a site that’s free to use, a co-op that pays royalties to its members, and  a way to raise millions of dollars for charity—from New Orleans to Tanzania.

This is an ebook about a brand new online company and, more important, about a new sort of online tool that might very well change the way you discover (and publish) information. For most of us, it’s not about the money at all—it’s about spreading our ideas.

Download here

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