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03 Januari 2018

How if your site got back link from .gov and .edu site?

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If you are a website admin of  government (.gov) or education (.edu) website, it's very possible if you easily have a back link from government and education website.  Some blogger have written that many education website don't have "rel follow" in their website, so indeed it's very good backlink for our website.

Bashbosh blog at , has explained about importance of backlink from gov and edu site. However, recent interview from Matt Cutts (Google) said that link from government site (.gov) and education site (.edu) was treated same such other site like .com, .net, .org, etc.  Here is interview from Matt Cutt  that said "It's not like a link from an .edu automatically carries more weight or a link from a .gov automatically carries more weight. But, the specific platforms might have issues, whether it's not being crawled or it might be nofollow. It would keep those particular links from flowing pagerank."

Then, how about link from facebook and twitter?

Matt Cutt said that link from facebook usually not public so it can't be crawled by search engine, and won't be counted. It's almost same like link from twitter that almost links always given a rel nofollow.

Matt Cutt said:

"For one, with Facebook, you have to keep in mind that a lot of profiles are not public. When a profile is not public, Google can't crawl it, and it can't assign pagerank on the outgoing links if it can't fetch the page to see what the outgoing links are. If the page is public, it might be able to flow pagerank, Matt says. With Twitter, most links are nofollowed anyway".

For everyone who wants to search .gov and .edu, you can use this example of query as the figures below:

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