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02 Januari 2018

How to speak internet Your Guide to XHTML

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Welcome to the world of XHTML – Extensible Hypertext Markup Language – a markup language (similar to programming) that allows anyone to construct web pages with many different functions. In many ways, it’s the primary language of the Internet. So, why do we care? Well, haven’t you ever wanted to have your own website? Or make your own game? The role of this guide is to give you a taste of this powerful world. If you have any previous programming experience then you will find this easier, of course, than if you are just starting your programming adventure. Either way, I hope to explain this so even a novice can understand.
We care about xHTML because it is a strong starting point to learning the basic building blocks of the web. Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter use another (server-side) programming language called PHP, but it's a good idea to understand the basics before you dive headfirst into the programming world. This guide is about the basics. If you want to know more about how the Internet works or perhaps how computer networks work with all of this technical stuff or even just how computers can be built then try these great guides from your friends at MakeUseOf. Table of content:
  1. Introduction to xHTML
  2. Getting started with xHTML
    1. Getting to know the world
    2. Starting from the <head> and working down the <body>
    3. Is your picture worth a thousand words? - Images
    4. Hyperlinks where can they go
    5. Are you special? These characters are
    6. Lists, lists and more lists
    7. Tables... no not maths
    8. Digital forms
    9. Meta what? why?
  3. Design with CSS
    1. Inline dancing styles
    2. Embedded Style Sheets
    3. Styles at war
    4. Style sheets from beyond
    5. Positioning Elements
    6. Mind your surroundings
    7. How big do you think?
    8. What goes arround comes around (borders)
    9. Floating and flowing elements
    10. Don't drop down the menu - example
    11. Uer Style Sheets (you are the centre of the universe)
  4. More information
    1. Why use xHTML and co. over design and other application?
    2. Joomla
    3. Wordpress

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