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04 Januari 2018

How to submit your site at Bing webmaster center?

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Have you submitted your site to Bing webmaster center? If you still don’t submit your site, it seems you will lose many traffic from Bing search engine. Although Bing search engine is only a new search engine but this search engine is growing its popularity. According to the Alexa Stats, Bing is being at rank 16 in US, rank 13 in Canada, rank 15 in United Kingdom, and rank below 100 in many countries. Compete dot com also tell the same stats for Bing Search Engine. Bing very fast gain it popularity lately, it’s different from old brother windows lives. Bing search engine gain many users in three months since the search engine released.

How you can effectively get more traffic and traffic analysis from Bing search engine?

It will be better if you submit your site to Bing search engine webmaster center.

How you can submit your site to Bing webmaster center?

a. Just open at your browser.

b. Click “sign in to use tools”.

c. Login by your email account at hotmail, or windows live id.

d. Click add site.

e. Fill form with your site URL, and email.

f. Add meta tag to your site between <head> and </head>.

g. You can also authenticate your site by XML file authentication, pick only one type authentication add meta tag or by XML.

h. Done, you have added your site to Bing webmaster.

i. Check at you site and click to your site, authentication will be done in 40 second. If you succeed then you will see several windows like figure below; site summary, profile, crawl issues, back link, outbound link, keyword and sitemaps.

You can check your site webmaster stats at those reports.

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