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03 Januari 2018

Keyword Research Guide

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This e-book gives you insights into what makes such work possible and will help you apply the thinking to your own website marketing strategy. We created a story around Virginia Veg, a fictional vegetable processing company that wants to sell vegetarian dog food online, and asked experts to tell us how they would use Wordtracker to offer advice to Susan Webster, the CEO of our fictional company. The result is more than a practical manual: It is a unique insight into the thinking that allows marketing experts to get top results. The challenges that Susan must face are the challenges that business owners and consultants must face every day.
The secret to getting the most out of Wordtracker lies in planning your keyword research strategy, harnessing the full power of the advanced features, and using the resulting keywords in more creative ways. Our e-book will show you how it’s done. We’re extremely grateful to all the professional marketers who took the time to share their expertise and put their thoughts on paper. We’re also grateful to Ken McGaffin, who developed the case study and compiled this e-book. We predict that after reading this fictional case study you will be eager to get to work using Wordtracker to answer your real-life marketing questions.

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