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02 Januari 2018

Linkedin profile optimization for entrepreneurs

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You probably already know that LinkedIn is the single most powerful online platform for entrepreneurs. Yet, it comes with a caveat: since there are more than 377 million professionals who use the social network, 1 you need to stand out, and in a good way.

Most entrepreneurs know that they need to distinguish themselves from other business owners. It should be easy – you’ve built a unique company/brand with a specific target market in mind, and you have the skills and expertise that inherently set you apart from the sea of others, right? While that may be so, there’s no guarantee that possible customers or clients and other professionals will notice these aspects of your profile – unless you present them in the right way.

It goes without saying that we’re all short on time these days. So, your goal on LinkedIn is not just to make a powerful impression, but to do so as efficiently as possible so that you can get leads and network with industry connections as quickly as possible.

Not only will these tips boost your “Who’s Viewing Your Profile” metrics, but they’ll help you achieve results that matter. Whether that’s getting noticed by your target audience or opening doors for networking opportunities, the optimization of your LinkedIn profile can get you there.

Also, don’t worry if you’re not a professional writer. The reason these tips are so effective is because they use a specific formula to precisely target the audience you want to reach: customers who are looking for the exact services or products you provide. When you follow these tips, you can’t go wrong. You won’t find any intricate writing processes here; we’ll focus only on the most effective fundamentals that will catch the eyes of the individuals you want to get noticed by most. Besides, throughout this entire process, you’ll be writing about the subject you know best – your business!

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