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03 Januari 2018

One Into Millions

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one into million
Author : Cory Fritsch. 
Copyright :, 2008. 
Number of Pages : 37 pages 
File size : 137 Kb 
Type of document : PDF 

If you've been in marketing for anything longer than a heart beat, then you've probably already heard of viral marketing or buzz marketing, guerrilla marketing, word of mouth marketing, social marketing, or what ever else you want to call it. Each of these means something a little different depending on who you're talking to, but they're all essentially trying to capitalize on the same thing.

That is the powerfull and unique ability to bring about exponential growth by building self-propagating visitor streams caused by people spreading an idea from one person to another. This idea can best be represented by pyramid effect. Somebody creates an idea and shares it with a small handful of people. They find it interesting and each share it with a handful of people. This process continues on and on until that original idea has been shared with thousands,if not millions of people.

That's why I titled this report "Turning one into a Million" because that's literally what you can do by leveraging the power of viral marketing. Now, this example is an over simplification of how the effect works, but you get the idea. Obviously this "pyramid effect" of starting something small and passing it along to thousands of people creates an awesome opportunity to marketers. Why ? Simple. The whole job of a marketer is to get people to buy a product. The more people that know the product the more people that will potentially buy it.

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