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03 Januari 2018

PPC Basics Start making profits from your Adwords campaigns

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Google AdWords is the most powerful marketing tool to appear in the last 10 years. So powerful it drove Google’s annual revenue to $22 billion in 2008. AdWords allows advertisers to place their ads onto Google search results pages within an hour of opening an account. So you can quickly use its power to sell your products and services to the world. But this is all sounding too easy, isn’t it? And of course fools like to rush in and they soon part with their money. So this book gives you a proven, careful and detailed process you can follow to maximize your chances of being both wiser and richer. Those who use Google AdWords can be loosely categorized into three distinctive personality types: Creatives, Traders and Technicians.
  • Creatives, love the freedom that Google AdWords gives them to create new ad text and target new keywords. Creatives are great at thinking of new ways of getting more from AdWords for less.
  • Traders, treat AdWords as an auction system – which it is – and they love nothing better than out-bidding the competition and getting the cost of their clicks down.
  • Technicians, love to sit back and look at the details of their AdWords campaigns. They find joy in spotting something to tweak, are masters of structure and know how each little bit works.
These different personality types relate to how people use Google AdWords. I’ve met people who are Creatives in real life but their AdWords persona is that of a Technician; and real life Traders who act like Creatives. Myself, I’ve been using Google AdWords since 2003 and have worked on many large and small accounts. I started out as a Creative who would make too many changes far too quickly. Then thanks to some patient Google people in Dublin, Mountain View and San Francisco, and some insights from the Wordtracker team, I’ve learned the disciplines of the Trader and the Technician. The idea of this guide is to introduce you to some of the skills that each discipline requires. I hope it’s the start of a journey into AdWords that is both enjoyable and profitable.

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