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03 Januari 2018

Private Label Rights - PLR Gangster

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Private Label Rights (PLR) Gangster
Author: PLR gangster
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To make money, drive content and grab subscribers using PLR you need to take a step back from the crowd, and get smart, while keeping quiet:

- The PLR Gangster
Content makes the web go round.

....and if you're an internet marketer that means you have to create the content, or pay someone else to create it for you.

This is either (or often both) time consuming and expensive.
...and its also where PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS (PLR).

material comes in (although it's not the ideal solution - read on to find out why)
PLR products are digital products such as articles, ebooks and reports that are sold to you in a way that you can easily change them.

These days they usually come with graphics, and sales pages provided....although not always.
Depending on the 'license' that is issued with the PLR product, you can use the material in various ways - sell them to other people as 'end users'. Or sell them to other people to sell on again (resell or master resell rights), or you can break them up and use the content is different ways.

PLR is like having content ghostwritten for you....

...except it's a lot less expensive because you have to share it with other people, depending on how many licenses are sold.

Which is the main problem with how most people use PLR.
To start from the top again, I said

'Content makes the web go round'

It doesn't - UNIQUE content makes the world go round.

Here's how a PLR Gangster would do it......

Download here

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