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03 Januari 2018

Private Label Rights (PLR) Secrets

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Content, content, content.

Content makes the world go round. At least in the "world wide web" it does. The problem is that it's darned hard to sit and write content all day, and it's expensive to hire someone else to write it. So, what's an Internet Marketer to do?

Private Label Rights (PLR) to the Rescue!

If you're working online, you've likely heard buzz about PLR or "Private Label Rights" content. If not, where have you been hiding? ;) If you aren't familiar with PLR products, basically they are digital items (articles, ebooks, etc.) that are provided in a file that you can edit and use in various ways.

How's that for vague?

The reason the description is so vague is that PLR content can be found in many forms:
  • articles
  • prewritten newsletters or ezines
  • small reports
  • full length ebooks
  • website templates
  • audios and even videos
Just to name a few. Basically, anything that you can download on the Internet is being sold as PLR. The second part of my definition "can edit and use in various ways" is also vague because each PLR service includes their own unique rules. Most PLR sites allow you to edit the items as you wish, and use the content in your own projects. However, they usually do not allow you to sell PLR rights to others to do the same.

Translation: You can use the PLR product for your own uses, but you can not sell or give the product to others. (Read the rules with any PLR you purchase as they can vary greatly.) To simplify things, we'll focus this report on PLR articles, reports and ebooks.

Basically, written content.

PLR solves the two problems stated above.
  • Not having enough TIME to write the content you need.
  • Not having enough MONEY to hire a quality writer for all your content needs.
PLR is like having ghostwritten content that you share with a group of people.
It's not, by any means, a perfect solution, but it can save you time and money. Plus, anyone
with motivation and some skills can turn that content into cash, using the methods below.
Once you understand the concept behind PLR items, you can see the appeal. Most people can
envision the value of adding the content to their websites. But, did you know there are more
ways to use PLR articles than that?

Download here

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