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03 Januari 2018

Search engines revealed

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A search engine is the most effective tool that can bring a prospective customer to your company website. Millions of web visits are initiated daily through one or the other search engine to locate information or sources of supply. This is considered to be the most effective and targeted channel for you as a website owner to acquire a hot lead. Business all the over the world spend a huge sum on designing, building, maintaining and promoting their websites.

Most of the top-ranked engines are crawler based search engines while some may be based on human compiled directories. The people behind the search engine want the same thing every webmaster wants - traffic to their site. Since their content is mainly links to others sites, the thing for them to do is to make their search engine bring up the most relavant sites to the search query, and to display the best of these results first.
In order to accomplish this, they use a complex set of rules called algorithms. When a search query is submitted at a search engine, sites are determined to be relavant or not relevant to the search query according to these algoritms, and then ranked in the order it calculates from these algoritms to be the best matches first.

Search engines keep their algorithms secret and change them often in order to prevent webmasters from manipulating their databases and dominating search results. They also want to provide new sites at the top of the search results on a regular basis rather than always having the same old sites show up month after month.


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