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03 Januari 2018

Secret ClickBank Strategy

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Author : Mike Hill.
Filetype : PDF.
Number of pages : 13 pages

Personally I had to think long and hard about revealing this killer strategy for free but then I got thinking that if this little report can give you an advantage then you’ll most likely want to see my other ClickBank Secrets. Keep reading and learn some of my ClickBank secret strategies. I’ve also included a second FREE bonus strategy so you can continue to make your move up the ClickBank Marketplace ladder… If you enjoy these strategies why not visit my NEW ClickBank PayDay Blog… It’s free and I’ll be publishing a lot of strategies as well as videos and articles for beginners.
Secret ClickBank Strategy

This one strategy can launch your entire ClickBank career as a product owner… it’s that powerful. It will get you in the top 10 of ClickBank’s Marketplace and in front of the super affiliates very quickly. This strategy can be done using a number of different forums that have special sections were you can market your products to the entire forum. For example, the Warrior Forum has a section called the WSO (Warrior Special Offers) section. Here is a small list of the more popular forums that have these types of Marketplaces.

• Warrior Forum (WSO)
• aBlake Forum (ESF Marketplace)
• BlackHat Forum (Buy, Sell or Trade)
• Digital Point Forum (Buy, Sell or Trade)
For this example I’m going to refer to the Warrior Special Offers (WSO) section considering most everyone reading this is already familiar with it. Here’s how this tactic works…

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