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03 Januari 2018

Social Networking Blueprint

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Introduction Social Networking Blueprint Author : Earl Netwal
Copyright : Matt Brading, 2009.
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Resell Rights : - Giveaway Rights : This is a free eBook.
Type of document :PDF
Number of pages : 31 pages 

Social Networking & Social Marketing There's no denying that Social Networking is big and it's only going to get bigger. Social Networking is all about people connecting with people, and the Social Web Applications are the tools they're using to do it. 

Social Marketing is when you apply these same tools to build your brand, expand your web network and promote your business. This ebook was originally written for 'photographers' but the Social Websites offer fantastic opportunities that can be used by any online business, so we decided to write this special edition for 'everyone'.
You've probably heard of a lot of these social web applications ... Blogs, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Digg, Squidoo ... and a whole lot more. There are literally hundreds of them, and each of then offer a different means of communicating with your audience. At OzImages we'd been using a number of Social Networking sites & services for quite a while and the results just keep getting better and better, so it seemed a good time to share some of what we've learned with our Member photographers.

As soon as we did that, we started getting feedback from people using the same techniques to promote other websites and business, so it made sense to publish a more generalised version. You'll probably still find plenty of mentions of photography and photos, but if you use your imagination I think you'll find plenty of ways to apply these same strategies to your own business, whatever that might be!

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