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02 Januari 2018

The 50 Greatest Motivational Quotes Of All Time - And Why?

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It seems to me that most people like to sink their teeth into a great quote. I don‟t think I appreciated how much so until I wrote a post on A Daring Adventure entitled “The 20 Greatest Motivational Quotes Of All Time”.

The post went viral and at the time of writing has had over 20,000 page views, which is huge for my blog.

I wasn‟t quite sure why it went viral. There are hundreds of websites dedicated to quotations and it‟s not difficult to find as many as you want on Google in a matter of seconds. I concluded that it might have something to do with the fact that I explained why I believed they are great quotes rather than simply rehashing a list of quotes in isolation.

With that in mind I decided to expand that list and also expand my explanations and make a rather cool eBook that I could give away to people like yourself that are kind enough to subscribe to my newsletter.

The quotes are in random order. I did have an idea to list them 1 - 50 in order of their awesomeness, but soon realized that would be an impossible and thankless task. Dealing with e-mails telling me I‟m a complete idiot for having X quote above Y would soon have got tiresome.

I‟d suggest you dip into this from time to time rather than just reading it as you would a normal book and then leaving it alone. If you have a day when things aren‟t going quite according to plan or you feel less than inspired, open this up and I‟m sure you‟ll spot a quote in no time that will get you back on track.

I really hope you enjoy it and feel free to forward on to any friends or family members you think may get some benefit.


Download here

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