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03 Januari 2018

The EDU link finder report

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The EDU link finder reportAuthor: SEO Ninja, 2010.
Number of pages: 9 pages.
Type of document: PDF
File size: 186 Kb.
- Why do you need EDU back links?
- Find .EDU sites to link from.
- Warning!! - The Method
- Want to do it faster? Want it easier?
- Recommended Resources

 Why do you need EDU back links? It has long been established that EDU sites are highly 'trusted' by the search engines, Google in particular. As a result back links from an .EDU site are considered to be extremely valuable not only for increasing your own sites 'trust' but also its rankings within the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Links to your site from other sites - back links - are seen to be similar to a vote of confidence or even a recommendation. The quality of the website giving that 'recommendation' does have some bearing on the value of the link. So it is important that your back linking strategy include links coming from sites that are authoritative and trustworthy .EDU sites.

Find .EDU sites to link from.

This is one of several ways to find places within .edu websites where it may be possible to place a back link to your own website. It is also possible, with a small adjustment, to use this method to find places that are relevant to your own site. By using this method you will be able to locate places within .edu sites that contain blogs on which it is often possible to leave comments – linking back to your own site.


Spamming these blogs with posts such as: “Nice post” “Good article” “Thanks for sharing” Is not acceptable – not only is it likely that the commenting on these blogs is likely to be closed if this happens too much, it is really bad manners and is totally discouraged by any ‘white hat’ SEO practitioners.

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