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03 Januari 2018

The Membership Site Masterplan

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In the year 2007 I finally made the leap and decided to release my own membership site. During the prior two years I was making a good living as a professional blogger. I wrote regular articles to my blog, Entrepreneurs-, built up an audience and made money through advertising programs and affiliate marketing. My total return was between $2,000 and $5,000 US dollars per month as a blogger, an amount I was happy with, however I wasn’t leveraging my potential. Initially I had plans to release an ebook from my blog, but I found myself struggling to get something out the door. It wasn’t until I experienced other membership sites by joining as a customer and seeing what they offered, that I realized I could do the same.

In July 2007 I opened my coaching program membership site, Blog Mastermind, to teach people about blogging. In the first week I made $15,000 and over the following year an extra $100,000 was added to my bank account thanks to recurring membership fees. In July 2008 I re-launched my coaching program and added another $150,000 to my pocket within six months. The re-launch was great because I already had the content for my membership site, so I was selling something I already created, which meant a lot less work and the easiest six figures I had ever made.


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