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04 Januari 2018

Tips for joining with SEDO domain broker

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SEDO is a place for selling and buying domain that very large in internet, we here can sell and buy domain and also monetization domain by domain parking. Domain parking is park the domain that has been bought by us, in example we buy domain at but we don’t want to host the domain here. We can park our domain at SEDO so we also can make a dollar earning here. The strength of SEDO domain parking is we don’t need to make any site design or template because if we park domain at SEDO we can automatically use existing site design and template from godaddy. Payment that used at SEDO is paypal at minimum payout 20 EURO. There are several things to do before register to SEDO those we must know about SEDO certification, because we can’t yet sell or buy domain before certification is approved by SEDO.
There are 3 types certification from SEDO:

a. Standard certification, we can’t buy domain at above $10,000

b. Premium certification, we can buy domain at above $10,000

c. Premium plus certification, we can buy domain at above $100,000

For beginner, just pick standard certification then click proceed. We will accept email from SEDO that also containing PDF document that must be downloaded. After PDF document download, print the document, sign document by pen, scan document, and send again to SEDO at email: Well, we can wait approving in several days, if the application is approved we can start buy and sell domain at SEDO. Ok, I think it’s not too hard to follow these step by step joining SEDO. If you ready to join SEDO you can access the site by visiting this link

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