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03 Januari 2018

Type of ebook copyright and software

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Ebooks or software are always have copyright right type from the author or publisher. Copyright is a form of intellectual property. Copyright is known emerge from Statute of Anne Law (1710) in United Kingdom. This law is also known as first law about intellectual property. It obtained at 1709 in England when Queen Anne govern.

Copyright law has standardized through international convention, such as Berne Convention and Universal Copyright Convention. Berne Convention has also adopted in World Trade Agreement (WTO) in 1995. The main core is copyright law is give exclusive right of original work and intellectual property for author in certain period.

Advertising business such as Google adsense is also give much attention about this copyright law. It's mean the content of blog or site must respect about copyright material such as film, video, music, ebook, etc.

There are several type of copyright that along with an ebook or software :

a. Giveaway right, it's mean we can give ebook and software freely to others people without need to contact the author or publisher. In this type of ebook, often we see several sign such as “you can give away this ebook” or “you can give this ebook freely”, etc.

b. Resell right, it's mean that we have right to resell that ebook or software. In example : after we buy resell right ebook or software, then we can resell that ebook or software to other people.

c. Private label right, It's mean we can give personal label name or our website name to ebook or software as we want and without contact author.
d. Master private label right, it's mean we must buy master copyright before we can use that content or adding label name to ebook or software.

e. Not give away right, and nor resell right, it's mean author don't want you to resell or give away the product. You must first contacting author before resell that ebook or software, after you got permission then you can give away or resell that ebook or software.

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