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04 Januari 2018

Use easy transfer before upgrade windows XP to windows 7

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Windows 7 has been released and many windows users want to upgrade their operating system to new OS Windows 7. After I installed OS windows 7, I have several experiences in upgrading windows 7 from windows XP and Vista. I can say that we cannot upgrade windows 7 directly from windows XP, but we can upgrade directly from Windows Vista. If you want safely upgrading windows XP to windows 7, first you must back up your entire files to another hard disk partition that not was used by windows. Windows 7 installations will also automatically move your old windows file to folder WINDOWS.OLD. Not all files are stored at WINDOWS.OLD, and then you must to back up your entire files by windows easy transfer.

What is windows easy transfer?

Windows easy transfer is new feature from windows 7 that can back up your entire files before upgrading to windows 7. You won’t lose your document if you have back up your file by windows easy transfer.

What documents that can be saved by windows easy transfer?

You can save user account, document, music, picture, e-mail, internet favorites, videos and more.

How to back up your old windows files with easy transfer?

a. Open windows easy transfer at your Windows 7 DVD, folder : support>migwiz>migsetup

b. Select locations where you want to store your files another computer by transfer cable, LAN, External hard disk or USB flash drive.

c. Select this old computer.

d. Select files, windows easy transfer will make estimation and customize your files selections.

e. Click next after select all files that must be back up. Wait until finish, you will find new file with windows easy transfer extension.

How to restore files by windows easy transfer?

a. Open windows easy transfer at windows 7 menu: accessories>system tools>windows easy transfer

b. Select this new computer.

c. Load windows easy transfer file that has been saved before.

d. Wait after finish, your files will be stored to original locations at windows 7 folder.

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