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03 Januari 2018

Widget eBay price watch from yahoo pipes

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As I’ve explained before, yahoo pipes really have many functions, even several yahoo pipes creator have published their yahoo pipes widget here. Actually, we can easier to find yahoo pipes compilations by searching at yahoo pipes query. We only need to fill keyword, watch search result and then we can clone many yahoo pipes widget here. In example, we need a tool to watch price change at EBay, we can use yahoo pipes to watch price change of “kaspersky internet security 2010” with price range between $0-30.

How to make this widget?

a. Open yahoo pipes at, then make a search at query with keyword “eBay price watch”, or you can clone my “ebay price watch widget” at my published yahoo pipes HERE.

b. If you have found this yahoo pipes, then clone this yahoo pipes to your yahoo pipes account.

c. Make sure that you’ve login to your yahoo pipes before cloning.

d. The widget is ready, and you can use this widget now.

e. To use this widget, just simple fill highest price, lowest price and name of product, then click “run pipe”.

Figure above show example of search result with product “kaspersky internet security 2010”, lowest price $0 and highest price $30. I’m sure this widget can make easier to watch price change from eBay marketplace. 

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