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02 Januari 2018

Work Smarter Not Harder

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There is not a particular way to read this book. You can either start from the beginning or pick your chapters randomly. The more important thing is to actually implement the advice in your everyday life. Only that way will you learn which ideas work for you and which one don’t. Keep this book available, so if you want to refresh your memory or pick up some new tips to improve your work day performance.

Table of Contents 

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How to Read This Book
Who is This Book For? Introduction
Work Smarter Not Harder: 18 Productivity Tip That Boost Your Work Day Performance
The Basic Blocks of Productivity

Productivity Tips That Actually Make a Difference
Have a powerful start to your day
Understand your optimal working rhythm
Keep distractions at bay
Never start your day unplanned
Drink water
Identify the most important tasks and do them first
Ask these questions regarding your next meeting
Batch similar tasks together
Process your e-mail effectively
Delegate the right way
Take breaks
Take care of the frogs right away
Create checklists
Take a snapshot of your work before vacation
Focus on one thing at a time
Control the busywork
Know your tools (and your keyboard too!)
Know how you spend your time on your computer
Questions and Comments.
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